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Our Privacy Policy

Nelson Aggregate Co. & Waynco Limited (Nelson) in the course of our Marketing Practices and Credit Account procedures, the collection of commercial and personal data is recognized as a major and important part of doing business in the construction industry. Nelson's complies to the principals outlined in the Federal Government of Canada's, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in all aspects of our operation. In that respect, we have created this Privacy Policy utilizing the Acts, 10 Principles.

1. Accountability - Nelson will responsibly maintain and protect the personal information we collect, use, retain and discard.


The company will have designated a Privacy Officer, an individual or individuals who are accountable for the organizations compliance to the company's privacy policy. The individual(s) must be made known to all the company personnel accessing personal information held by the company and upon request provide that person's name and company contact information to anyone who inquires. When information is provided to third parties it is that individual's responsibility to insure, by contractual or other means, that the information is protected with a comparable level of protection as our company. This person's duty includes being responsible for establishing and implementing procedures to protect, receive, disclose, and destroy personal data. In addition they are responsible for promoting the companies policy and procedures, as well as the training of staff and the communication of information regarding the companies polices and practices.

2. Identifying purpose - the information being collected will be limited to its need in making marketing, credit or company decisions and will be explained if is not clearly understood at the time of collection or upon request by the individual.


The Credit Application and Agreement Form will include a reference to our compliance to PIPEDA, why and how the information will be used, and a request authorizing it's use by a person who has the legal permission to provide information and consent to the credit investigation.

3. Consent - Nelson obtains consent to collect, hold, use and disclose personal information.


It is the companies policy to open a credit account with a signed Credit Application & Agreement Form, approving the collection, use, and retention of both commercial and personal information. Only in situation where the credit manager reasonably believes personal information, falling under the act, may not be necessary to collect or where he/she is confident we can comply to the act will an application be accepted without an consenting signature.

4. Limiting Collection - Nelson limits the information collected to the extent of making an informed decision.


The primary principals of Credit has historically been called the "4 C's of Credit" which are made up of Character, Capacity, Capital and Conditions. It is furthermore understood that the strength of any company lies in management and their future decisions. To extrapolate a future event, based on a company's decision making process, the need for historical management skills, financial skills, past reputations and stability, are required to make informed decisions that protect Nelson's Accounts Receivable Investment. In that endeavor the collection of personal information on managements officers, owners or key decision makers in a company is essential.

5. Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention - Nelson will use and disclose information only for the purposes we have identified, or when required or permitted by law.


Collection and retention of information shall be limited to what may be relevant in making company decisions. In regards to credit, information is retained until all expectation of future commercial activity by the management or owners involved are exhausted, or indefinitely when legal action is taken and supporting information is required to justify write offs or settlements or financial concerns. At no time will personal information be sold to any person or company or to any organization about the individual in an identifiable manner, without the person being advised and in agreement, but may be used for internal marketing purposes, and for statistical information in a generic format.

6. Accuracy - Nelson strives to keep personal information as accurate, complete and up to date as possible.


Every effort will be made to insure that personal information is current and up to date prior to making any decisions or disclosing any information. Any error or omission or inaccuracy must be addressed on a timely basis to insure the correctness of the information collected, used and retained.

7. Safeguards - Nelson will protect information with appropriate safeguards and security measures. Only those who need to view the file for company purposes will have access to this information and all files when discarded will be destroyed in a manner that will make them illegible.


All Credit information will be kept in the credit department and accessible to credit personal only. Any other person wanting to view a file must obtain the consent of the credit manager, who will assess the purpose and need of the inquiry with respect to PIPEDA.

8. Openness - Nelson upon any individuals request will provide that person with specific details about our information handling policies and procedures.


Upon request a copy of this policy will be made available to any interested individual that has reason to believe we have personal information on them. We may make changes or revise our privacy policy form time to time. This policy and changes will also be published on our web site for public viewing at


9. Access - Nelson will provide access to personal information on the individual at a mutually convenient time.


Personal information will be made available only to the individual it applies to with proper identification within 30days of a request received by a Privacy Officer of Nelson. If an individual demonstrates the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information on hand, the company will amend its files and will notify any source who provided it or any party the information was disclosed to on a timely basis upon its discovery and in compliance of Item, "6. Accuracy", above.

10. Challenging Our Compliance - Nelson will investigate and respond to any individuals concerns about any aspect of our handling of their personal information.


The acting privacy officer will investigate any complaint involving miss use of personal information and deal with it appropriately, which could include dismissal of an individual found intentionally utilizing the information inappropriately. A record of any abuse will be maintained on file for at least 2 years from it's occurrence.



Last updated May 2018

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