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Fill out the form below or download our Credit Application and email it back for processing.

Download Credit App by clicking on the pdf icon above


In compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documentation Act (PIPEDA), the above authorized applicant hereby confirms that they are acting in their individual capacity and as a legally authorized agent or representative on behalf of each principal, shareholder, partner or sole proprietor of the applicant (herein collectively the "Credit Applicant(s)",  and the above-signed on behalf of such Credit Applicant(s) hereby consents to the collection, use, maintenance and disclosure of credit and/or personal information of the Credit Applicant(s).  Such consent is provided for the purpose of evaluating, granting or maintaining consumer and/or commercial credit with Nelson Aggregate and/or Waynco, including any renewal or extension thereof, and includes consent to disclose such credit and/or personal information of the Credit Applicant(s) to any credit reporting agency as deemed necessary by Nelson or to any person with whom the Credit Applicant(s) has or proposes to have financial relations.  If the application is for a personal account, such consent shall in addition to the above include the collection, use, maintenance and disclosure of credit-related information with employers, credit bureaus and other credit grantors.

The above-signed understand that if this consent is not granted or is revoked, then Nelson Aggregate will no longer be able to offer any credit related facilities to the Credit Applicant(s) and any amounts owing will be immediately due and payable.  The above-signed certifies that the above information is true and accurate, and agrees to advise Nelson of any changes in the information provided. In the event that the above information is not accurate or complete, Nelson reserves the right to immediately terminate any credit granted by Lafarge.

The standard terms of sale are net 30 days, unless otherwise stated.  Overdue accounts are subject to interest at a rate of 2% per month, 24% per annum.  In consideration of the granting of credit by Nelson, the above-signed agrees to the terms stated herein.

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