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Office: 905-335-5250

Toll: 1-800-263-6320

Fax: 905-332-4484

Sales: Anthony Ferritto

Operations Manager:

Nick Heap


2433 No. 2 Sideroad

Burlington, Ontario

L7P 0G8


2433 No. 2 Sideroad

Burlington, Ontario

L7P 0G8

Our Site

Burlington Quarry is located on No 2 Sideroad off of Guelph Line.  Our service area extends and provides Burlington, west to Waterdown area and down through Milton, Oakville, Mississauga and far east to Toronto.  We provide high quality limestone aggregate for all ranges of products from home and landscape construction to road construction including asphalt/concrete plants. 

The Future

In about 25 years, we plan to close Nelson Quarry in Burlington. We are asking the City of Burlington, the Region of Halton, and our neighbours, to work with us to create the largest park in the city. The nearly 1000-acre Mount Nemo City Park will be more than twice the size of High Park in Toronto and have dozens of uses - from rock climbing to beaches. Over the next decades, year-by-year, parcel-by-parcel, our goal is to transfer ownership of all the land to the public for recreational purposes

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